New Portfolio! Again.

General / 17 April 2023

So here it is, the new portfolio. Actually - I've been saying this repeatedly in various variations for quite a number of years. The first time was probably sometime in 2001, when I put my first presentation on the web, more like a blog with pictures. Back then, created in Frontpage as pure HTML, with many limitations. After some time it was time to switch from free hosting to my own domain and that's how was created, first also as a pure HTML site, and later it became the basis of Wordpress. 

Since DarkArt was more of a blog, it was necessary to separate my art presentation from it. This happened at the beginning of 2012, when the portfolio was created. It was also built on Wordpress and like the original DarkArt it cost me a lot of time, energy and pain :) Especially because I'm not a programmer and I did everything myself. Wordpress served as a platform for my sites for a long time, but gradually I got extremely tired of it. The constant updates that were necessary broke some features, clashed with the theme, DarkArt was hacked at one time just because of an outdated plug-in. Inserting new stuff and texts was tedious, and there was always a problem somewhere - very slow loading, for example. 

The first step to leaving Wordpress was to separate the presentation of my photos, which I've been hosting for years in the perfect SmugMug system, which is simple, data insertion is fast and I don't have to worry about anything. Here I tested that this is what I would like for my portfolio. So after more than a decade, the time has come and I finally left Wordpress with my portfolio and switched to a paid service that offers a simple environment, speed, quality display of my work and a friendly user interface. 

So welcome to this new portfolio, where you will find my well-known and lesser-known works, some of which are new to the site. But for all of them, they are now in high quality, mostly 4K resolution, dynamically displayed according to your monitor or phone. 

I'll be gradually adding some more images and of course adding new ones - I have several things in the works that I think will be worthwhile.

I'll be glad if you let me know how you like the new portfolio and of course I'd be very grateful for sharing it or mentioning it wherever you think of it.

So, here we go.