Magic Carpet: Vodor's Revenge

Once upon a time (in 1994) the game Magic Carpet was created. For its time with an excellent 3D world and graphics. It was created by the now non-existent Bullfrog studio under the wings of Electronic Arts. The main designer was Peter Molyneux. In addition to DOOM, it was one of the first games I played on the new Pentium 75 at the time, and it was etched deep in my memory. In recent years, I sometimes wonder why no one will do a remake or a third installment, with current technologies such as Unreal Engine and 4k resolution. The magical world of magicians, who roam the skies over various landscapes on colorful carpets and fight each other for mana, which gives them power, would have to look fantastic today.

So I thought I'd make some fictional concepts, purely for my own pleasure (and out of nostalgia), as if this sequel were really about to happen. It's called Magic Carpet: Vodor's Revenge and here is the first of the pictures.